Lost/Stolen Green Cards

In general, a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) is required to present a valid Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card (also known as a “green card”) when seeking admission into the United States.  Form I-551 is the primary evidence of an alien’s LPR status.  The bearer may use this card, in conjunction with his or her national passport, and any other appropriate documentation, to board a U.S. bound flight and apply for admission to the United States. In cases in which the LPR does not in possession of a valid Form I-551 (Green Card) or a passport with a valid Alien Documentation and Identification System (ADIT) stamp demonstrating LPR status, the alien may seek to obtain temporary evidence of his/her status.

U.S. Embassy Consular Sections overseas can issue “boarding foils” to qualified Lawful Permanent Residents, conditional Lawful Permanent Residents and Lawful Permanent Residents who were issued a re-entry permit applying to replace lost or stolen green cards overseas.

You must apply for a boarding foil within (12) months after departing the United States. Before applying, please make an airline reservation as a boarding foil is only valid for thirty (30) days from the date of issuance. Also, you need to pay $575 fee online prior to your interview date. If you plan to apply for a LPR boarding foil, please note that you must pay the filing fee online on the USCIS website before appearing in person at a consular section. Information on the fee is located here. You must bring evidence of payment, in the form of a printed email receipt notice or confirmation page, when you appear in person to apply for the Boarding foil application.

Based on your airline reservation and payment confirmation, you may e-mail us to dhakavisasupport@state.gov to seek an appointment along with the following information/documentation:

  1. Copy of your airline reservation;
  2. Copy of your current passport’s biographic data page;
  3. Copy of the fee receipt
  4. Alien Registration number (if known);
  5. Photocopy of your LPR card (if available);
  6. Other identifiable documents, for example: driver’s license, State I.D., etc;
  7. General Report from the Police (Lost/stolen LPR card cases only);
  8. Proof of your arrival in Bangladesh (ticket, boarding pass, luggage tags, etc.).

After we receive the above information via email, you will receive an email appointment letter that indicates the entry date/time of interview. Please bear in mind that we cannot accommodate walk-in appointments. You must schedule your boarding foil interview appointment via dhakavisasupport@state.gov. We will make every effort to schedule an appointment for you within three (3) business days.

The following documents are required for the interview:

  1. Original, valid passport;
  2. Confirmation page of $575 fee receipt;
  3. Original and completedI-131A Form;
  4. Airline Reservation;
  5. Other identifiable documents, for example: driver’s license, State I.D., etc;
  6. One (1) recent photograph(2×2” against a white background);
  7. General Report from Police (Lost/stolen LPR card cases only);
  8. Photocopy of LPR card (if available); and
  9. Any proof of the arrival date in Bangladesh (ticket, boarding pass, luggage tags, etc.).

$575 application processing fee is required. This fee needs to be paid online. As with all immigration fees, USCIS does not issue refunds, regardless of the decision on the application.

Please do not make any final departure plans to the United States until you have your boarding foil in hand.

If you have been outside the United States for a year or more and did not obtain a Reentry Permit, you have lost your LPR status. In that case, you would not be eligible for a boarding foil, and you may apply for a Returning Resident Application to return to the United States.


The consular officer will inform you as to how and when to pick up your passport with the issued boarding foil.  The Consular Officer determines the passport delivery date based on travel itinerary.


During the interview with the Consular Officer, you should demonstrate your eligibility for this service given all of the facts and circumstances.  No written decision is required in cases where the applicant is refused this service. Some applicants may be found permanently or temporarily ineligible to enter the United States.  In these cases, the Consular Officer will explain why you are ineligible.

Additional Processing

Some applications require additional processing.  While we realize the associated issuance delays may disrupt your travel plans, we must adjudicate applications in accordance with the provisions of U.S. laws. We cannot predict when the boarding foil will be ready. The Consular Officer will provide you with written instructions as to when to come and collect the boarding foil.


Can the I-131A fee paid to USCIS be refunded?

An I-131A fee will only be refunded in the event of U.S. government error. USCIS will not process a refund if an applicant later determines that a LPR boarding foil was unnecessary. Please contact the relevant USCIS Field Office for more information.

What evidence can LPRs present at an airport, rather than applying for a boarding foil?

To enter the U.S., a LPR may present at least one of the following items in place of a boarding foil:

  1. An expired Permanent Resident Card with a 10-year expiration date, 


  1. A valid Permanent Resident Card (with a two-year validity), and a Form I-797, Notice

of Action, indicating that status is extended,


  1. Orders from the U.S. government (civilian or military) showing that time outside the

U.S. was on official government business. These individuals should consult their air carrier prior to completion of an I-131A and payment of the fee.

Where can I obtain my A number or find out more information? Please direct your inquiries to the nearest USCIS field office location.