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U.S. Embassy Applauds Journalist National Election Safety Training
December 28, 2023

U.S. Embassy Applauds Journalist National Election Safety Training


Recognizing the crucial role of journalists in the upcoming national elections, the Edward M. Kennedy (EMK) Center partnered with the Bangladeshi Journalists in International Media (BJIM) to host an election coverage safety workshop. Held at the Kennedy Hall of EMK Center on Thursday, the workshop equipped over 50 local and international journalists with vital knowledge and tools to navigate potentially challenging situations.

“Yours is a noble profession, and increasingly, around the world, it is a difficult and dangerous one,” said Stephen F. Ibelli, Public Diplomacy Counselor of the U.S. Embassy while addressing the event’s closing ceremony as the Chief Guest. “Journalists play a critical role everywhere strengthening democratic institutions by reporting on facts, transparency and accountability. This role is more important now than ever,” he added.

The workshop provided practical knowledge and techniques for journalists to navigate hostile environments, and other threats that may arise during the coverage of upcoming elections. Participants delved into topics like risk assessment, personal safety measures, digital security, and communication strategies. Experts from BJIM conducted the interactive sessions, fostering a dynamic and informative exchange of knowledge and experiences.

As Bangladesh’s most significant American Spaces, the EMK Center has become a testament to the strong collaboration between the U.S. Embassy and its local partners, reflecting a shared commitment to promote academic excellence and intercultural dialogue.