Lost and Stolen Passports

All regular American Citizen Services (ACS) are by appointment only.  Please click on Online Appointments to make your ACS appointment online.  We suggest you read the following requirements before you make an appointment for passport services. However, if this is an emergency or you have urgent travel plans please call (880) (2) 5566-2000 during work hours, or (880) (2) 5566-2000 x 0 and ask to speak to the duty officer after work hours. Emergency American services are available 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.

If you have lost your passport or had it stolen you should report this fact immediately to the local authorities and to the U.S. Embassy. You should submit your application for a replacement passport as soon as possible after the loss or theft.

The revised Form DS-11 Application for a U.S. Passport, which includes the requirement for customers to submit a photocopy of their primary citizenship evidence along with a certified copy from the U.S.  Note: While filling out the form DS-11, you cannot currently list a “Country” when completing the “Emergency Contact” section on our forms. Please list an emergency contact in the United States.

Primary citizenship evidence for this initiative consists of U.S. birth certificates, naturalization certificates, citizenship certificates, and consular reports of birth abroad (CRBAs).

Application Requirements

  • Proof of citizenship if available, to include:
    • A U.S. birth certificate, or
    • A U.S. Consular Report of Birth Abroad, or
    • A U.S. Certification of Birth, or
    • A U.S. Certificate of Citizenship, or
    • A U.S. Naturalization Certificate
  • Proof of Identity:
    • A valid passport of any country, or
    • A valid U.S. driver’s license with a clearly identifiable color photograph, or
    • A national identity card with a clearly identifiable color photograph,or
    • A valid U.S. or state government identification card, or
    • A U.S. military ID
  • Completed online passport application form and statement regarding lost and stolen passports (DS-11 and DS-64). You must complete and submit the application online then print a copy to bring to your appointment.  Note: While filling out the form DS-11, you cannot currently list a “Country” when completing the “Emergency Contact” section on our forms. Please list an emergency contact in the United States.  All passport forms are available here.
  • Police report documenting the theft of the passport.
  • One photograph for the application. Click here for more information.
  • You should bring legible photocopies of all the supporting documents with you.
  • Passport Fee .  Fees must be paid in cash, and are payable either in United States Dollars or in equivalent Bangladeshi Taka.
    Post does not provide any File Search Service, Expedite Service and Overnight Delivery.  

Special Circumstances for Minors Under 16

Children under 16 (formerly 14), at the time of application, must appear in person, and both parents need to be present and provide unequivocal consent to passport issuance by signing the application in front of the consular officer.  In the event that one parent is unavoidably unable to be present at the time of the interview, that parent must submit a signed and notarized statement of consent (DS-3053) in order for the child to be issued a U.S. passport. The consent must be in the English language and can be notarized by any American notary or at any U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. You should also attach a copy of the photo ID with which you notarized the DS-3053 form.  All passport forms are available here.

In the event that one parent has sole custody of the minor child, that parent must provide legal documentation of the award of sole custody by a competent court of jurisdiction.