Downloadable Passport Forms

Note: While filling out the forms, you cannot currently list a “Country” when completing the “Emergency Contact” section on our forms. Please list an emergency contact in the United States.  In addition, on all of the following forms, please remember to use your local address in Bangladesh, NOT a U.S. address.

All the Passport forms are available in website and also in the U.S. Embassy website.

First Time Passport Application (DS-11): This application should be used when:

  • You have never held a U.S. passport, OR
  • You are under the age of 16, OR
  • Your most recent passport was issued more than 15 years ago, OR
  • Your most recent passport was valid for only 5 years (minor passport), OR
  • Your most recent passport was lost or stolen

Adult Passport Renewal Application (DS-82): This application should be used if:

  • You can submit your most recent passport, AND
  • You were at least 16 years old when your most recent passport was issued, AND
  • Your most recent passport was issued in the last 15 years, AND
  • You use the same name as on the most recent passport, or since the passport was issued you have had your name changed by marriage or court order and can submit proper documentation to reflect the name change.

Statement of Consent for Passport Issuance to a Minor (DS-3053): This form should be notarized and submitted, along with the DS-11, for minors under the age of 16 as evidence of parental consent to issuance of a passport if only one parent is able to appear and sign the DS-11 in front of the adjudicating official. The non-applying parent will need to sign the form in front of a U.S. notary or U.S. embassy or consulate official and submit the form to the applying parent along with a notarized copy of the identification shown to the notary or government official.

Statement of Exigent/ Special Circumstances (DS-5525): In the event that only one parent can provide consent for the passport application, the applying parent must complete the form to explain the special circumstances.

Passport Data Correction, Name Change, and Limited Validity Extensions (DS-5504) To be used when:

  • There is a change in the printed information (for example, a name change) after your passport is printed, OR
  • To extend the validity of certain previously limited passports

Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport (DS-64): This form should be submitted in addition to a DS-11 when you apply in person for a new passport after a previous, still valid U.S. passport has been lost or stolen.

Fillable Authorization Form: This form should be filled in and carried when authorizing someone to collect Passport or CRBA from Saimon Oversea Ltd.