Enroll in Short Messaging System (SMS)

You may also wish to sign up to receive SMS messages from the Embassy via your mobile phone. Such messages may relate to issues of security or general information from the Embassy. This service is for U.S. citizens only.

If you wish to be included on our SMS distribution, please note that the Embassy utilizes a third party contractor for this service and the name and phone number that you provide will be shared with this contractor. While the Embassy has taken precautions in selecting the provider, the Embassy cannot guarantee that your information will not be subject to unauthorized use or disclosure by the provider.

Also be aware that your own cellular service provider may impose fees that include, but are not limited to, the receipt of text messages and roaming service. The Embassy cannot reimburse you for any fees, and it is your responsibility to check with your provider regarding these.

Having read the above information, if you still wish to be added to our SMS distribution list just click the email link below and send us your full name, mobile phone number, your area of residence in Bangladesh (so we can send relevant information), and your intended length of stay in Bangladesh.

Please click on SMS Enrollment form and fill up the required fields to start receiving SMS alerts when the embassy disseminates any SMS blasts.