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Speakers’ Bureau

The U.S. Embassy aims to demystify the work of the U.S. government in Bangladesh and increase face-to-face interactions between Americans and Bangladeshis. To support these goals, the U.S. Embassy is happy to provide speakers through our Speakers Bureau, run by the American Center in Dhaka. Speakers are U.S. citizens with varied and extensive academic, cultural and professional backgrounds. They are happy to provide an American perspective on a wide array of topics related to U.S. politics, policy, and culture, from U.S. elections to South Asian relations to baseball.

Speakers are available for a wide array of cultural and educational events. They are able to address a wide array of audiences, including: local governments; non-governmental organizations; secondary and university educators and students; community and religious organizations; and media.

There is no charge to schedule a speaker for your organization.  For more information, please contact the American Center at 88371504 or DhakaPA@state.gov. Please complete and submit the following form to make your official request for a speaker.

Speakers’ Bureau Request Form (PDF 41KB)