Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Dhaka, Bangladesh

Location:  Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Event:  Flash demonstrations and human chains are expected within the Diplomatic Enclave today, Monday, November 2, as a part of ongoing protests against the French government’s response to the October 16 murder of a French teacher.  Protestors are expected to gather in various areas within Dhaka and near the Diplomatic Enclave from 11 a.m. until about 2 p.m.  Police are expected to close multiple streets and will prevent vehicular traffic from entering the Enclave.  Further protests and road closures are expected to continue in the coming days.  U.S. citizens are advised to avoid the U.S. Embassy during these times and to monitor local media for updates.

Security Guidance Reminder for all U.S. citizens:  In addition to COVID-related health precautions, we remind you to avoid demonstrations and practice sound personal security procedures.  Good personal security habits include, but are not limited to:

  • Avoid large crowds/demonstrations.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, taking a mental note of locations that provide a safe retreat.
  • Report to the police any vehicles or persons possibly involved in suspicious activity.
  • In traffic, try to leave space to maneuver if needed or take an alternate route.
  • If your schedule allows, vary routes and times to and from home.
  • Carry your phone, ID, and emergency contact information with you.
  • Only offer your personal information such as family member and/or household staff names, addresses, or telephone numbers to known persons.
  • Only accept trusted deliveries or grant known or expected individuals access to your residence.
  • Foster good personal security practices among your family members.
  • Do not engage with unknown persons who could compromise your security.  Report any incident to the police and contact the Embassy’s American Citizen Services Unit, as appropriate.
  • Buddy-up:  We recommend that you not walk alone after dark or are accompanied by at least one other person if venturing far from your residence.
  • Review and adhere to the guidance found in the current Travel Advisory located on the U.S. Embassy Dhaka web site.


  • You can contact the U.S. Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh, located on Madani Avenue, Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh 1212, at (88) (02) 5566-2000, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday except for holidays.  On holidays, during weekends, or after-hours for emergencies U.S. citizens can call (88) (02) 5566-2000 and press “0” and ask for the duty officer.