Remarks by Charge D’Affaires David Meale at the Biman Airlines Induction of Two New Boeing 737-800s

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JANUARY 12, 2015

Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina;

 Honorable Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Rashed Khan Menon;

 Honorable Civil Aviation and Tourism Secretary Khurshed Alam Chowdhury;

Extremely distinguished guests,

I am so pleased to be here today to celebrate with you the induction of two beautiful Boeing 737-800s into the Biman fleet. I am so proud to know that these planes, two out of a fleet of ten new Boeing planes, will be part of Bangladesh’s extraordinary story of growth and exceptionally promising future.

It is wonderful that the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been able to join us to grace this occasion. We all know that she has personally been supportive of the modernization of the Biman fleet.

I am proud that Biman has modernized its fleet with high-quality American products that showcase the best of my country’s engineering and technology. Boeing has an unmatched record for success and reliability.

New airplanes offer the perfect symbols of progress. They inspire metaphors for journeys fulfilled and those yet to be realized. They are catalysts for hope and the courage to strive for more. They evoke collective movement and shared aspirations. They represent interconnectivity and linkages. In short, they symbolize the unfolding story of modern Bangladesh, a country that can point to decades of impressive economic growth…a country that had every reason to look towards a future of remarkable progress.

I often speak about the natural synergies between the United States and Bangladesh…the already strong economic and business ties between our countries, and the enormous opportunity to dramatically increase our bilateral trade and investment. We see the results of such a vision in front of us today.

A modern Biman fleet, powered by U.S. aircraft and engines, will boost connectivity, help attract investment, and ensure that Bangladesh continues to be well represented in the world.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this exciting story.