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Important Passport Information

Payment Methods & Details

All fees for Consular services, such as applications for passports, Consular Reports of Birth Abroad, visas, notary services, among other relevant fees must be paid in cash and are payable either in United States Dollars (USD) or equivalent Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).  For fee collection purposes, U.S. Embassy Dhaka uses an exchange rate of $1.00 USD to 114.00 BDT.

For detailed information on passport fees click here.

U.S. Embassy, Dhaka does not provide expedited services or overnight delivery.  If you have any urgency you should email DhakaACS@state.gov for further assistance.

Last updated: November 16, 2023

Appointments & Locations

All regular American Citizen Services are by appointment only. Please click on Online Appointments to make your ACS appointment.

For information regarding forms, fees and other required documents please check the specific pages on our website.

Passport applications should be printed and supporting documents prepared before you come in for your appointment.


Passport Processing Time:

Regular passports are printed in the United States and take approximately 10-14 working days. Please consider this timeline when renewing or applying for passports. You will receive an automated email when your passport is ready.


Mail-in Application Requirements

Renew a 10-year valid passport by Mail (Adult Passport)

You must answer YES to all of the following to be eligible to renew your passport by mail:

  1. I can submit my most recent U.S. passport book by mail with my renewal application.
  2. I was at least 16 years old when my most recent U.S. passport book was issued.
  3. I was issued my most recent U.S. passport book less than 15 years ago.
  4. My most recent U.S. passport book has a validity of 10 years from issuance to expiration.
  5. The U.S. passport book that I am renewing has not been mutilated, damaged, lost or stolen.
  6. My most recent U.S. passport book was issued in my current name (or I can document my name change by submitting marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order with my passport application.)
  7. I am currently in Bangladesh.

If you answered with ‘Yes’ to all the questions above, you are eligible to apply by mail to renew your 10-year U.S. passport. No need to schedule an appointment or come in-person at the Embassy.

What to Know About Your Appointment

All regular services are by appointments only.  Unless prior arrangements have been made, you will not be allowed to enter without an appointment.  Please make an appointment online here before you come for the services.

We suggest arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time for security checks at the Embassy entrance.

When you arrive, let the guards know that you have an appointment with the American Citizen Services Unit.  You will be asked to show original photo ID.

You will be asked to pass through a metal detector.

ACS services clients may bring one mobile phone per family.  You will be asked to switch it off and leave it in a storage cabinet after entering the Embassy compound. The storage cabinets are only for ACS applicants, not for visa applicants.

Please leave all other electronics (iPads, laptops, tablets, cameras, smart watches, etc.) at home, as they are not allowed inside the Embassy.  Luggage is also not allowed.  Weapons are not allowed.

Once you enter the compound, you will be directed to the Consular Section.  Inside the Consular Section, you will find the American Citizen Services Unit’s waiting room at the very end of the main waiting area.  Our staff will be expecting you at one of the ACS windows.

Contact Us

Consular Section, U.S. Embassy
Madani Avenue
Baridhara. Dhaka-1212

For ACS inquiries only:
Phone: (880)(2) 5566-2000 (For after office-hours emergency. Press “3”, and ask to speak with the duty officer. You may be asked for your reason for calling; this is to better help the operator in directing your call.)
E-mail: DhakaACS@state.gov

Reasonable Accommodation

If you need reasonable accommodation for your appointment, we encourage you to request your accommodation immediately once you schedule your appointment. We make every effort to provide accommodations to persons with disabilities and medical conditions. Reasonable accommodations vary, depending on the situation and the person’s needs.
Examples of accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • If you require a private appointment due to a medical condition or disability, we may schedule an alternative time for you to come in for your interview.
  • If you or your child has special needs that requires a private appointment in a quiet space without distractions, we may schedule an alternative time for you or your family to come in for your interview.
  • If you are unable to speak, you may be allowed to respond to questions in an agreed-upon nonverbal manner such as using pen and paper.
  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you may bring a sign language interpreter to translate during the interview if needed.
  • If you have low vision, we may provide you with communications in large print.

If you are unable to provide fingerprints because of a medical condition, including birth defects, physical deformities, skin conditions, you may qualify for a fingerprint waiver for certain fingers.

  • Interview waivers are only granted in extreme situations, such as having a medical condition that requires flying in an air ambulance.

The waiting room of the Consular Section and its restroom is wheelchair-accessible.