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Passport Delivery or Pick Up

When your new passport is ready for pick up, you will receive a notification email from the Embassy.

Upon receiving this email, if you have not submitted your old U.S. passport along with your passport renewal application then immediately submit your old U.S. passport to the Saimon Global Ltd. office for cancelation.  Once the Embassy cancels your old passport, you may collect the canceled old passport and the new passport within 1-2 days from the Saimon Global Ltd. office. Don’t forget to bring your receipt with you.

Applicants should collect their passports from one of the three Saimon Global Ltd. outlets in Bangladesh, which are – Dhaka, Chattogram or Sylhet.

The Saimon Global Ltd. office is located in Chattogram at the following address:
Ayub Trade Center (5th Floor)
1269/B Shekh Mujib Road
Agrabad, Chattogram
Phone: +88 09606 556657

The Saimon Global Ltd. office is located in Sylhet at the following address:
1/A Ananda Tower (Ground Floor)
Jail Road, Sylhet-3100
Phone: +88 09606 556657

The Saimon Global Ltd. office is located in Dhaka at the following address:
House 4A, Road 22, (Ground Floor)
Gulshan, Dhaka
Phone: +88 09606 556657
Web: https://saimonglobal.com/

Customers can take advantage of Saimon’s expanded hours for picking up their passports (Sunday through Thursday between 9:00 am-3:00 pm).

  • The service/courier fee for collecting documents at the Dhaka branch will remain the same (400 taka plus 15% VAT).
  • Saimon Global Ltd. will charge a fee of 600 taka plus 15% VAT for collection from either Chittagong or Sylhet branches.

There is no collection of passport at the Embassy, except under emergency circumstances.

As always, a parent may pick up passports for their child without additional authorization – the minor does not need to come in person.

At the time of collection, parents should plan to bring to Saimon their photo identification (such as a passport, driver’s license, or national ID) as well as the signed receipt you receive at the interview. However, to allow another adult, even a spouse, to pick up a passport on your behalf, you will need to fill out the authorization form (available at Saimon Global Ltd.and on the Embassy website) to authorize that person. That person should bring the form, their identification, and the signed Passport receipt with them to Saimon Global Ltd.

Click for Fillable Authorization form.