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Online Application Tips

  • Complete the address fields completely. If you are in Bangladesh, your passport will not be sent back to the United States. Nor will your passport be mailed to an address in Bangladesh.
  • Complete the Mailing address field with your Local address only; do NOT use a U.S. address if you are applying in Bangladesh.
  • If completing an application without a social security number, you may enter all zeroes as a placeholder. But if you have a social security number you are required to provide it.
  • Where a zip code is required, use the Post Code if giving a Bangladeshi address.
  • When providing a mobile phone number, leave off the initial ‘0’ so that the number will fit in the space allowed. When providing a land number, enter a maximum of ten digits. If necessary you can correct the information when you come for your appointment.
  • Expedite fee: You do not need to select the “expedite fee” option; passports printed for citizens abroad are automatically expedited.
  • Passport applications should be printed and supporting documents prepared before you come in for your appointment.For more information on required documents and the application process, choose your service.
  • Please note: While filling out the forms, you cannot currently list a “Country” when completing the “Emergency Contact” section on our forms. Please list an emergency contact in the United States.
  • Print the form but please do not use two-sided printing.
  • Please do not sign the form until asked at your interview.
  • You should bring legible photocopies of all the supporting documents with you.
  • For additional information and help with the online process, please check this website.