New Bengali Language Website Ensures Access to Information and Highlights U.S. Commitment to the Bangladeshi People

The new Bengali language site is one of only 10 languages with their own webpages on the U.S. Department of State’s ShareAmerica platform.  The platform offers compelling stories and images to spark discussion and debate on important topics; and, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh independence, the site supports deepening people-to-people ties and expanding bilateral relationship between our two peoples and countries.


DHAKA, February 18, 2021 – On February 18, 2021, to celebrate International Mother Language Day 2021 and in honor of Bangladesh’s upcoming 50th anniversary of independence, U.S. Ambassador Earl Miller officially launched ShareAmerica’s Bengali language website.  This new resource is a visible symbol of U.S. respect for Bangladeshi history and culture and our commitment to sharing accurate and timely information with millions of Bengali speakers in Bangladesh and around the world.

ShareAmerica is the U.S. Department of State’s platform for sharing information about the American people, values, culture, and foreign policy worldwide.  This free resource is accessible to all.  The new Bengali language site closely mirrors the English site and offers reports and compelling stories and images to spark discussion and debate on important topics like religious freedom, rule of law, economic prosperity, human dignity, and sovereignty.  

The launch of the new Bengali language site supports the deepening people-to-people ties between Bangladeshis and Americans and the ever-expanding bilateral relationship between our two countries.  The website will be updated regularly to ensure Bengali speakers have access to new content and information.

At the launch event, Ambassador Miller said, “We hope the new site will further expand understanding between Bangladeshis and Americans.  As you observe International Mother Language Day during this special 50th anniversary of independence, I know you will reflect on Bangladesh’s rich history and take pride in all Bangladesh has achieved since 1952 and 1971 and look forward to what it – what you – will achieve in the next fifty years and beyond …The United States looks forward to continuing to partner with the people and Government of Bangladesh to achieve your highest aspirations for your country.”

To view Ambassador Miller’s remarks and the website launch, watch: 


The remarks are also available on the Embassy’s website in English: .  A Bengali translation will be posted on our Bangla website ( once available.

The launch of the new Bengali ShareAmerica ( site is one of the many U.S. government initiatives to promote greater cooperation, dialogue, and mutual understanding between Bengali language speakers and the United States, and to support a strong partnership to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific region.