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Lost Passport With Valid U.S. Visa

Lost/Stolen Passport with valid U.S. Visa


What should I do if my passport with valid U.S. visa is lost or stolen?

If your passport containing a valid U.S visa has been lost or stolen, you need to report the incident to the consular section of the U.S embassy, Dhaka immediately.  You must report the loss of your passport to the local Police station and obtain a police report (general diary, if the document is in Bangla language, then please provide us an English translated copy).  Then you are required to send an email to support-bangladesh@ustraveldocs.com for your loss of the visa including the following documents:

1. Completed Lost and Stolen form (lost/stolen form – PDF 166 KB)

2. Copy of your police report.

Your lost visa will be cancelled immediately.  It can no longer be used for travel to the United States even if your passport is ever recovered.

Lost or stolen U.S. visas cannot be replaced. Once you have obtained a new passport, you may apply for a new visa, if required.  You will need to schedule an interview through our website www.ustraveldocs.com/bd. For additional information about applying for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa click here.