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Embassy Procurement Opportunities

The Embassy of the United States of America, Dhaka, Bangladesh, takes pleasure to invite your price offer for the following item. Your price quotation should reach our office through E-mail at DhakaProc@state.gov.

Solicitation Package: PR12297494
Date Issued: February 13, 2024
Due Date: February 29, 2024
Description of Goods: Tiles Purchase (PDF 460KB)

USAID Procurement Opportunities

There are no USAID Procurement Opportunities available at this time. 


Embassy Tel: +880 2 5566-2000

Point of Contact for Public Affairs Funding Opportunities :
Dhaka Grants
E-mail: DhakaGrants@state.gov

Point of Contact for Procurement Opportunities :
Dhaka Procurement
E-mail: ProcDhaka@state.gov