Trade & Commerce

About the U.S. Trade Center

The U.S. Trade Center (USTC), a division of the Embassy’s Political/Economic Section, offers a variety of services to assist U.S. businesses pursuing trade and investment opportunities in Bangladesh and to Bangladeshi businesses seeking to buy American goods and services.  USTC services fall into three categories: market research, advocacy, and trade promotion.  Some services are available to qualified business representatives free of charge, while other services offered primarily to U.S. businesses require a fee to offset costs.

How to Reach Us

The USTC is located at the U.S. Embassy in Baridhara, Dhaka 1212, and can schedule appointments with business representatives from Sunday through Thursday at 10:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. For appointments, USTC can be reached by e-mail or phone:

Tel: 880-2-5566-2000

The U.S. Trade Center (USTC) offers a variety of services to U.S. businesses seeking export and investment opportunities in Bangladesh, including the following services:

Country Commercial Guide: A comprehensive report on the commercial, economic and political environment in Bangladesh. The report contains detailed market analysis, as well as information on trade regulations, business travel, and an assessment of the country’s overall investment climate.

Disseminating Trade Leads: The U.S. Trade Center collects information about business opportunities in Bangladesh and disseminates “trade leads” through the U.S. Department of Commerce and its network of Export Assistance Centers in the U.S.

Advocacy Assistance: U.S. firms requesting Embassy assistance related to a proposed or actual investment, export or bid in pursuit of a foreign government tender or contract should contact the U.S. Trade Center ( ), the Department of Commerce’s Advocacy Centerat 202-482-3896 or visit the Advocacy Center’s website:  To request advocacy support, U.S. firms must complete an advocacy questionnaire and anti-bribery agreement, signed by a duly authorized company representative, before U.S. Government advocacy may commence.

U.S. Trade Show: Held annually in conjunction with the American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh, the U.S. Trade Show attracts thousands of visitors every year.  American firms or their local agents interested in purchasing a booth to display their goods and services at the U.S. Trade Show should contact the American Chamber (phone: 880-2-833-0001 or 880-2-835-8060; fax 880-2-934-9217 or 880-2-831-2975; email:

Gold Key and Silver Key Services:  Services to visiting U.S. business executives to arrange meetings, briefings and logistical support in order to make their visit to Bangladesh as productive as possible.  Fees range from $700 to $2300 for one day, with additional charges for longer visits.

International Company Profile (ICP): A confidential business report providing background information on individual firms in Bangladesh .  Each report includes information on company activities, product lines, volume of operations, business reputation, and trade references.

International Partnership Search (IPS):  Identifies and provides background information on qualified Bangladeshi firms willing to represent U.S. companies in Bangladesh.  Depending on the U.S. company interests, the USTC can prepare a list of companies in Bangladesh with relevant experience and capabilities.

U.S. companies can request an ISP, Gold Key or  ICP service by contacting the USTC or the nearest U.S. Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center in the U.S.