Key Officers

Name Designation
Peter Haas U.S. Ambassador
Helen LaFave Deputy Chief of Mission
Kathryn Stevens USAID Mission Director
Scott Brandon Political and Economic Counselor
Gary D. Anderson Management Counselor
Sean McIntosh Public Affairs Counselor
William Dowers Consul General
Rodney Collins Regional Security Officer
LTC Nathan Moore Senior Defense Official and Defense Attaché
MAJ Hunter Gallacher Office of Defense Cooperation
Jae Park Acting Legal Attaché
Steve Lettic Law Enforcement Assistance Attaché
Michelle Prince Resident Legal Advisor
Sarah Edwards Resident Legal Advisor
Megan Francic Agricultural Attaché
Dr. Neely Kaydos-Daniels CDC Country Director


*Incoming Officer

Phone: (880)(2) 5566-2000


The country code for Bangladesh is 880. The city code for Dhaka is 2. To call or fax from the United States, you probably need to use the prefix 011-880-2 before these numbers if you are using a direct dial line. Local dialing conventions may vary.