Grants Procurement Opportunities

Application Closed for 2019.

The Edward M. Kennedy Center for Public Service and the Arts (EMK Center) awards small grants of Taka 100,000-800,000 every year to individuals/groups active in volunteerism, women’s empowerment, education, community development, youth engagement, and the arts, as well as entrepreneurship related projects in Bangladesh. Take a look at the small grants we have awarded here.

To provide deserving candidates with an opportunity to realize their dreams of making a positive contribution to society in 2020, the EMK Center will award the Edward M. Kennedy Small Grant for Public Service and the Arts – of between two hundred thousand (2 lakh) and ten hundred thousand (10 lakh) Bangladeshi Taka – to five individuals or groups.


The EMK Small Grant defines eligible project applicants as reputable and accountable non-commercial entities, individuals as well groups.

For Non-profit Organisations: Following entities will be considered for the EMK Small Grant 2020: 

1. Centers promoting Public Service
2. Cultural organisations
3. Community based organisations
4. Organisations registered as Foundation, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs), Non-profit Organisation, Voluntary Organisation, Charitable Organisation
5. Organisations registered as Trust Deed.

Required documents form organisations: Organisation Registration Certificate, TIN Certificate, Organisation Portfolio, Certification from previous donor organisation (if any).

For Individuals and Groups:

Individuals and groups can also submit their ideas and application those are able to demonstrate requisite experience and capacity to manage projects.
Required documents form individuals and groups are: NID Copy, TIN Certificate, Curriculum Vitae, Certification from previous donor organisation (if any).


Step 01: Click and download the EMK Small Grant 2020 Instruction Book
Step 02: Click and fill-up the Grant Application Form and the Budget Form
Step 03: Click and fill-up the Grant Proposal Submission Form with uploading the Grant Application Form and the Budget Form.

Application Closed.

Please contact for queries : 

Sharmin Akter Shakila
Entrepreneurship Coordinator
Edward M. Kennedy Center

U.S. Department of Agriculture – Dhaka seeks a research study that examines Bangladesh’s supply chain for imported perishable agriculture and processed products. The Embassy has a requirement for a contractor for cold chain research services. You are invited to submit quotes. The Request for Quotations (RFQ) consists of the following sections:

1. Statement of work (SOW) (PDF 194KB)
2. Clauses

The Embassy plans to award a purchase order. You are encouraged to make your quote competitive. The RFQ does not commit American Embassy, Dhaka, Bangladesh to make any award. The Embassy may cancel this RFQ or any part of it.

Please read the SOW carefully, and if you are interested, submit your quotation.
Please forward your offer through e-mail to on or before 16:30 hours April 05, 2020. Oral quotations will not be accepted.