Grants Procurement Opportunities

Application Closed for 2019.

The Edward M. Kennedy Center for Public Service and the Arts (EMK Center) awards small grants of Taka 100,000-800,000 every year to individuals/groups active in volunteerism, women’s empowerment, education, community development, youth engagement, and the arts, as well as entrepreneurship related projects in Bangladesh. Take a look at the small grants we have awarded here.

To provide deserving candidates with an opportunity to realize their dreams of making a positive contribution to society in 2020, the EMK Center will award the Edward M. Kennedy Small Grant for Public Service and the Arts – of between two hundred thousand (2 lakh) and ten hundred thousand (10 lakh) Bangladeshi Taka – to five individuals or groups.


The EMK Small Grant defines eligible project applicants as reputable and accountable non-commercial entities, individuals as well groups.

For Non-profit Organisations: Following entities will be considered for the EMK Small Grant 2020: 

1. Centers promoting Public Service
2. Cultural organisations
3. Community based organisations
4. Organisations registered as Foundation, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs), Non-profit Organisation, Voluntary Organisation, Charitable Organisation
5. Organisations registered as Trust Deed.

Required documents form organisations: Organisation Registration Certificate, TIN Certificate, Organisation Portfolio, Certification from previous donor organisation (if any).

For Individuals and Groups:

Individuals and groups can also submit their ideas and application those are able to demonstrate requisite experience and capacity to manage projects.
Required documents form individuals and groups are: NID Copy, TIN Certificate, Curriculum Vitae, Certification from previous donor organisation (if any).


Step 01: Click and download the EMK Small Grant 2020 Instruction Book
Step 02: Click and fill-up the Grant Application Form and the Budget Form
Step 03: Click and fill-up the Grant Proposal Submission Form with uploading the Grant Application Form and the Budget Form.

Application Closed.

Please contact for queries : 

Sharmin Akter Shakila
Entrepreneurship Coordinator
Edward M. Kennedy Center