EducationUSA offers test bulletins, study guides, and practice tests for all major standardized tests including TOEFL, IELTS, SAT I & II, ACTGRE, GMATLSAT, and USMLE tests.

Every university requires different tests. Check university websites for requirements for international student applicant.

Examinees who register for the TOEFL®, GRE®, GMAT®,  SAT®, ACT®, and USMLE® in Bangladesh will be required to present a valid passport as identification. No other form of identification will be accepted at test centers in this country.

Please make certain that you have a valid passport available before registering for each test, since no exception to the passport requirement will be made by the test center staff on the day of the test.

Undergraduate (BA/BS) – 4 years

  • Must complete 12 years of educations (A’ levels/HSC)
  • Required tests
  • SAT/ACT  (required by most universities)
  • SAT II – Subject Tests (optional)

Graduate (MA, MS, Ph.D.)

  • Must complete 16 years of education (BA/BS)
  • Required tests
  • GMAT for business related fields
  • GRE for non-business related fields (Note: GRE subject tests are not available in Bangladesh)