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Death of a U.S. Citizen

Death is a time of crisis for one’s family and friends, no matter where it takes place.  If death occurs overseas, the experience can be even more traumatic, especially if the procedures involved are not clearly understood.

U.S. Embassy Dhaka prepares a Disposition of Remains Report (PDF 436 KB) that has information on mortuaries, embalming facilities, burials, cremation, shipping processes, etc.

Reporting the Death of a U.S. Citizen

Any death of a U.S. citizen should be reported immediately to the police and to the Embassy. If you are calling during business hours (Sunday through Thursday, 0800 – 1630), call (880) (2) 5566-2000 and ask for the American Citizen Services Section. If you need emergency assistance after-hours, dial that same number, and when you hear the recorded message, press “3” to reach the Embassy Duty Officer.

When reporting a death to us, if possible, please tell us the deceased person’s name, date and place of birth, passport number, date and place of death, cause of death, and location of remains.  We also need the full name and phone number of the next of kin, if available.

Repatriation of Remains

CDC requirements for importing human remains depend upon if the body has been embalmed, cremated, or if the person died from a quarantinable communicable disease.

At this time, COVID-19 is a quarantinable communicable disease in the United States and the remains must meet the standards for importation found in 42 Code of Federal Regulations Part 71.55 and may be cleared, released, and authorized for entry into the United States only under the following conditions:

  • The remains are cremated; OR
  • The remains are properly embalmed and placed in a hermetically sealed casket; OR
  • The remains are accompanied by a permit issued by the CDC Director. The CDC permit (if applicable) must accompany the human remains at all times during shipment.
    • Permits for the importation of the remains of a person known or suspected to have died from a quarantinable communicable disease may be obtained through the CDC Division of Global Migration and Quarantine by calling the CDC Emergency Operations Center at 770-488-7100 or emailing dgmqpolicyoffice@cdc.gov.
    • Please see CDC’s guidance for additional information.


Consular Report of Death Abroad (CRDA)

The U.S. Embassy can provide a Consular Report of Death Abroad (CRDA) to the next of kin upon request.  The CRDA is a document issued by the U.S. Embassy reflecting the facts of a death abroad of a U.S. citizen.  The document is based upon the local death certificate. Generally, the next of kin will be required to provide evidence of the U.S. citizenship of the deceased, e.g., a passport or birth certificate, as well as a registered death certificate from the City Corporation or appropriate authority.  The certificate must state the cause of death.  The Embassy can issue up to 20 copies of the CRDA at no charge.

A CRDA is required in order to repatriate the remains.  It may also be required in connection with settling an estate in the United States, in completing Social Security Administration formalities, and in dealing with offices such as attorneys and insurance companies, who may not recognize a Bangladeshi death certificate as an official document.