Ambassador Bernicat Visits Journalism for Peace and Tolerance Film Festival

On Tuesday, January 24, 2017,  Ambassador Bernicat visited USCD – Independent University of Bangladesh Filmmaking and TV Journalism for Peace and Tolerance Film Festival.

The State Department funded the third year of the “Filmmaking and Television Journalism for Peace and Tolerance in Bangladesh” project to address the growth of student radicalization by building linkages between public and private universities, faculty, professional journalists and filmmakers. Students from all facets of Bangladeshi society learned techniques to counter extremist ideologies and use communication to promote peace and tolerance while preserving their Bangla culture. The model combines film and television production and education, mentoring by leading journalists and filmmakers, and the dissemination of student work by broadcast, in an effort to enhance conflict resolution, countering violent extremism, and peace building.

As part of this project, the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), in partnership with the Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB), sponsored an intensive 12-week Filmmaking and Television for Journalism for Peace and Tolerance certificate course. Students worked with a small group to conceive, write, direct, shoot, edit and produce a story of their choice. The U.S. Country Team (USCT) selected five (5) Bangladeshi universities to participate: Dhaka University, Chittagong University, Rajshahi University, IUB, and the American Independent University of Bangladesh.