Ambassador Bernicat Attended the Graduation Ceremony of a Train-the-Trainer Course for Local SWAT Instructors

On Thursday, May 25, 2017, Ambassador Bernicat Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Chief of CTTCU DMP, Senior Police Officials, U.S. ATA Instructors, and ATA SWAT Graduates attended the graduation ceremony of a train-the-trainer course organized for local SWAT instructors.

U.S. Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA) Program funded this 7-week (April 9-May 25, 2017) CRT/SWAT Mentorship training in the Public Order Management Office of DMP Dhaka. This was a train-the-trainer course where ATA trained nine local SWAT instructors who have conducted two refresher Crisis Response Team courses for 42 SWAT members.

Ambassador Bernicat relayed in her remarks – “Once you depart this course, I believe the local SWAT instructors would be able to training other law enforcement members maintaining SOP. When called upon during a crisis in the future like the attack in Gulshan, you will be prepared to lead. Ultimately this will reduce the response time during crises.”

The U.S. Ambassador stressed the necessity to remain professional avoiding human rights violations. Finally she announced that, ATA Program have already granted robots to Bomb Disposal Unit of CTTCU for a safer IED handling.

More photos from the event.