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U.S. Embassy Spokesperson Engages with Students of the “Design Thinking” Program
August 17, 2023


U.S. Embassy Press Attaché and Spokesperson Bryan Schiller participated as a guest lecturer with students of the “Design for Bangladesh” program, made possible by the Obama-Chesky Voyager Project. 

DHAKA, August 17, 2023 — The Press Attaché and Spokesperson of the U.S. Embassy, Bryan Schiller, spoke as a guest lecturer at the American Center in Dhaka as part of the “Design for Bangladesh” project.  Design for Bangladesh is an eight-week program in which ten Bangladeshi university students from diverse backgrounds are receiving mentoring and training in an interdisciplinary approach to analyze policy issues.  All ten students attend Eastern University.

“In today’s complex world,” Mr. Schiller said, “it is important to look at problems from a variety of perspectives.  No one discipline can solve a huge, complex problem.  It is necessary to take an interdisciplinary approach.”  Mr. Schiller underscored the importance of effective communication, collaboration, and shared learning experiences in today’s interconnected world.  He discussed his experiences as a student and as a professional working in public diplomacy.  Moreover, he gave advice on how to pursue higher education in the United States.  Anyone interested in studying in the United States can go to https://educationusa.state.gov/ for free information.

Design for Bangladesh was made possible by the Obama-Chesky Voyager Scholarship for Public Service, a partnership between the Obama Foundation and Airbnb (https://www.obama.org/programs/voyager-scholarship/).

Itbaan Nafi, an inaugural recipient of this prestigious scholarship, has used his Voyager Scholarship to travel from the United States to Bangladesh and create the Design for Bangladesh program.  Mr. Nafi is a Bangladeshi American and a rising senior at Stanford University in California, USA.