Remarks by U.S. Ambassador Peter Haas at Terrorism Financing Investigation and Intelligence Course

Sunday, June 4, 2023 

 (As prepared for delivery) 

Good morning. It is my pleasure to open this week’s Terrorism Financing Investigation and Intelligence Course and to speak with you all, the dedicated professionals working tirelessly in the fight against terrorism. 

For many years, the U.S. Embassy, through the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Legal Attaché Office, and the Government of Bangladesh have collaborated to ensure the protection of Bangladeshi and United States persons and interests from terrorist threats here, in the United States, and abroad. 

This morning, I am inspired to see the continuation of this collaboration, both between agencies of the United States and Bangladeshi governments, as well as between all the different agencies represented here in this room. 

Your presence this week reflects our common commitment to bilateral collaboration and the importance of these partnerships in terrorism investigations.   

Indeed, the counterterrorism mission remains one of our foremost priorities, and this mission could not be effectively accomplished without the close relationships with law enforcement, intelligence, and security services worldwide.  

At a time when almost all major counterterrorism investigations have an international nexus, these partnerships have never been more important to our success in this field. 

This week’s Terrorism Financing Investigation and Intelligence Course will provide instruction in counterterrorism investigations, with focuses on financial intelligence and analysis. We hope you will find the value in the lessons our instructors will impart, and we look forward to hearing your perspectives on these matters. 

In addition to these lessons, our instructors will underscore the significance of interagency collaboration, intelligence sharing, and working intelligence-driven investigations.  

You all bring a variety of experiences in the counterterrorism space, and I hope that you will be active participants in this week’s discussions and allow your fellow participants to learn from you.  

We look forward to a lively discourse throughout the week and I hope you find this course beneficial to your work in your respective agencies. 

Finally, many of you will have heard that Secretary Blinken has announced a new visa policy aimed at promoting free and fair elections in Bangladesh by imposing visa restrictions on any Bangladeshi individual who is responsible for or complicit in undermining the upcoming elections.  

This policy stems from our belief that Bangladesh will be a safer, more stable, more prosperous country, better able to address its own security needs and become a net security provider in the region if it becomes more open and more democratic.   

In addition to your essential work to eliminate terrorism financing and terrorist threats, we must continue to work together to eliminate the underlying conditions that foster terrorism. 

Thank you to Dr. Mallick Faqrul Islam, Rector, all the personnel from the Police Staff College who worked to ensure the successful implementation of this course; and all our devoted instructors who are here this week to lend their knowledge and capabilities in support of this course. 

It is an honor to speak to you today and a privilege knowing that I stand among so many professionals who have devoted their lives to ensuring safety in Bangladesh and worldwide. I thank you for your tireless efforts, and I look forward to our continued partnership.