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U.S. COVID-19 Vaccine Donations to Bangladesh Surpass 100 Million Mark
November 9, 2022


Ambassador Haas joins the Mayor of Narayanganj at school vaccination site to mark this milestone in the U.S.-Bangladesh partnership to fight the pandemic.

NARAYANGANJ, November 9, 2022— Today, U.S. Ambassador Peter Haas joined Dr. Selina Hayat Ivy, Mayor of Narayanganj, and students from the Narayanganj Collectorate Preparatory School to mark the delivery of over 100 million (ten crore) U.S. COVID-19 vaccine donations to Bangladesh since the beginning of the pandemic.

Earlier this week, the United States donated another six million pediatric doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines to Bangladesh, bringing the total number of American vaccine donations to more than 100 million, making the United States the largest COVID-19 vaccine donor to Bangladesh. American COVID-19 vaccine donations now account for more than 70 percent of all international COVID-19 vaccine donations to Bangladesh.

“This milestone underscores the strong partnership between our two countries and is just one part of the incredible progress Bangladesh has made in fully vaccinating nearly 75 percent of the entire country. This is a remarkable achievement and I congratulate everyone involved in protecting Bangladeshi children and adults against the pandemic,” said Ambassador Haas.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, U.S. support has trained more than 50,000 healthcare providers and other workers on safely administering vaccines across 64 districts, donated 18 freezer vans, 750 freezer units, and 8,000 vaccine carriers to help transport 71 million doses of vaccines to remote areas, and directly administered 84 million vaccinations.

The United States has contributed more than $140 million in COVID-19 related development and humanitarian assistance to Bangladesh. Globally, the United States has donated $4 billion to support the COVAX effort, which includes support for ultra-cold chain storage, transportation, and safe handling of COVID-19 vaccines, making the United States the world’s largest donor for equitable global COVID-19 vaccine access.