U.S. Embassy Guides American Companies on Investing in Bangladesh with Two New Reports

DHAKA, July 29 – Do you want to know what U.S. companies are being told about the opportunities and risks of investing in Bangladesh? Or are you considering doing business with another country and want to know the basics? Two reports published this week will tell you.

The 2022 Investment Climate Statement, prepared by the U.S. Department of State, is created to help U.S. companies make informed decisions about doing business in Bangladesh or 160 other countries and economies around the world. The reports not only cover market conditions, but also how governments uphold international labor standards, enable responsible business conduct, combat corruption, and implement policies to mitigate and adapt to the effects of the climate crisis.

The 2022 Investment Climate Statement was released at 10 p.m. Thursday at https://www.state.gov/investment-climate-statements/

The Bangladesh Country Commercial Guide, published by the International Trade Association under the U.S. Department of Commerce, goes into detail about challenges a company may encounter when doing business in Bangladesh, as well as describing the substantial opportunities in nine sectors of frequent interest to U.S. firms.

The Bangladesh Country Commercial Guide for 2022 and guides for other countries around the world are available at https://www.trade.gov/ccg-landing-page.

The Economic team at the U.S. Embassy in Dhaka spearheaded preparation of both reports, combining information from Bangladeshi and international sources.