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Designating One Entity and 16 Individuals Connected to Burma’s Military Regime
May 17, 2021

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Today, the United States is announcing new sanctions against Burma’s military regime in response to its continued violence and repression against the people of Burma, most recently in Mindat, Chin State, and its failure to take any steps to restore Burma’s democratic transition.  We are designating the military regime’s State Administrative Council pursuant to Executive Order 14014.  Additionally, we are designating four members of the SAC, nine military-appointed cabinet members, and three adult children of previously designated military officials, pursuant to the same authority.  We make this announcement alongside the United Kingdom and Canada, which are taking their own steps to impose costs on the regime.

As President Biden has stated, the United States will continue to promote accountability for those responsible for the coup.  Our actions today underscore our resolve and that of our partners to apply political and financial pressure on the regime as long as it fails to stop violence and take meaningful action to respect the will of the people.  We encourage all countries to consider imposing measures against the regime — including arms embargos, suspension of military sales, and termination of commercial cooperation with military-owned entities — to promote accountability and to prevent further violence.

As reiterated in our recent communiqué, the United States and our G7 partners welcome the recent ASEAN five-point consensus plan, and we strongly urge the military regime to immediately and unconditionally cooperate with ASEAN and the UN to implement this plan.  The United States further stands ready to lend our support to ASEAN and the UN efforts to initiate an inclusive political dialogue to end the crisis.

Unfortunately, the military regime has thus far refused to cooperate in a constructive manner and has made no attempt to restore Burma on the path to democracy, while continuing its brutal repression and violence against its people.